The West Richmond Cadet Squadron is now the Carolyn A. Guertin Cadet Squadron in honor of Lt Col Carolyn  Gueritn.

The Carolyn A. Gurtin Cadet Squadron is the only Cadet Chartered Squadrons in the Virginia Wing of the Civil Air Patrol (CAP). To be considered a Cadet Squadron, a unit's membership must be made up of more cadets (youth members) than seniors (adult members). Caroly A. Guertin Cadet Squadron was originally named "Richmond Cadet Squadron Two" in the 1950’s.

Carolyn A. Guertin Cadet Squadron is honored have Lt Col Carolyn Guertin as a member. Lt Col Guertin joined CAP in December 1941 and is therefore one of the valued charter members. Her original membership number was 11, and she was the first Commander of “Richmond Cadet Squadron Two”. She could not join immediately in December 1941 (which is when CAP was officially chartered by Congress) because she had to wait until at least ten men had joined. Since joining in 1941, she has continuously maintained her membership with no break in service.

On December 10, 2014, Congress awarded the Congressional Gold Medal to CAP for it's service during WWII. During that time, CAP conducted coastal patrols looking for German U-boats that were off the U.S Eastern Seaboard trying to sink shipping vessels. CAP carried bombs on their aircraft and dropped them when they saw a U-boat. CAP had two confirmed submarine kills in WWII. CAP was so effective that the Germans eventually gave up their patrols. Interestingly, one German officer is said to have expressed his irritation over the CAP planes by referring to them as “damn yellow planes". CAP also saved countless lives during the war by calling to obtain help for vessels in distress. A CAP Coastal Patrol Base is located in Parksley, Virginia, on the Eastern Shore. 

Over the years, CAP has evolved into an organization that provides emergency services (i.e., searches for lost persons and planes within the Continental U.S., Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico) and trains cadets in leadership and aerospace skills. CAP is proud to follow Air Force style customs and courtesies. However, CAP no longer participates in military combat, and cadets are not required to enter the military. 

By joining the Civil Air Patrol, you join an organization that is deeply rooted in a tradition of volunteerism and service to the community, state, and nation.

Squadron motto: CAG All the Way!

Welcome aboard!